A Brief View Of Insulating Materials Used In A Transformer

Want your transformer to last a lifetime? You might want to take a look at the insulating material of your transformer. It plays a crucial role in the longevity and stability of your device. Well-Performing insulation material can also improve the performance of the overall unit. All the Transformer Manufacturers In Mumbai will tell you the same thing that the proper utilization of insulating materials present in your transformer can be great for its long-term usage.

You better pay heed to that advice and understand the role these materials play in the working of the transformers. Let’s take a look at the key materials used for insulation in transformers:

  • Insulating Oil - This might the most crucial material used for the purpose of insulation. If you want your transformer to work smoothly for years, this oil will play an important role in it. This oil works both as an insulation material and a coolant to expel heat from the core and windings.

You need to inspect the oil regularly for suspended particles and if you find enough suspended particles to hinder its performance, replace it with fresh oil.

  • Press Board - Press board is made up of vegetable fibres which contain ample amount of cellulose. Make sure the board is originally made and thick enough as per the requirement. These boards are mainly used to give high current and voltage rating to the device.
  • Insulating Paper - This is also made up of vegetable fibres and has two properties namely grammage and density. Both these properties ensure flawless performance of the transformer by providing perfect insulation.

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