Categorizing Transformers On The Basis Of Cooling Methods

The heat generated in a transformer is quite considerable and needs to be dissipated continuously to ensure its smooth functioning. To dissipate or treat this heat to a safe value, cooling methods are employed in these devices. Cooling of transformers is a vital process and if done adequately over the years, it can extend the working life of the transformer while also maintaining optimum operations. Being one of the highly preferred Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai, we utilize several cooling methods in different types of transformers. The major cooling methods are as follows:

  • Air Blast Type - This cooling method utilizes fans and blowers to force air circulation towards the windings and the core of the transformer. The heat generated is cooled by this air circulation, which brings down the temperature below the standard safe level.
  • Oil Filled Self-Cooled Type - This type of cooling method is mostly used in distribution transformers. The core and windings of the transformers are mounted on a steel tank, which is filled with high-quality insulating oil. This oil transfers the heat from the core to the case where it is radiated out to the environment.
  • Oil Filled Water Cooled Type - The above-mentioned cooling method is quite expensive and the oil filled water-cooled type is a comparatively economical method. Transformers used in high voltage lines use this cooling method to keep the heat below the acceptable mark.

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