Control Transformer – Meaning And Application Areas

A Control transformer is a device designed to be used in electrical circuits, where it provides a continuous flow of current in periods of low voltage. It also produces a secondary current during overload periods. These have a wide voltage range, from 50 V – 5000 V and contain high quality insulated wirings to insulate turn-to-turn windings, primary to secondary windings, layer-to-layer windings and to the ground. Trutech Products, being one of the best Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai, bring this advanced solution to meet the diverse need of the customers.

Here Is More You Need To Know About The Device:

  • The packing of the control transformer in a circuit is moister and environment-free to provide a strong mechanical bond.
  • Created for industrial applications where electromagnetic devices are used, maximizing overload capacity, and output voltage regulation.
  • A control transformer is easy to install than other transformers, giving an easy job to the installer.
  • Operating it is easy as compared to other transformers and it is cheap to maintain.
  • It is highly durable and has a long life. It has a wide range for voltage output and it is quite affordable, giving a consumer high-quality material at a low price.
  • Common applications of control transformers may include inductive and resistive load such as motor, heating, and lightning.

The Application Area Where It Is Mostly Used Includes:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial plants
  • Apartment buildings

If you are interested in our product, feel free to speak with our experts. Being one of the best Transformer Manufacturers in India, we assure our product range has all the features and available at industry leading prices. Send us your enquiry or call to know more.

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