Different Types Of Windings Used In Transformer

A transformer is one of the most important inventions that have been introduced for the benefit of humankind as it helps in transferring current from one circuit to another without bringing any change in the voltage. If you need a properly-working transformer for yourself, you can get in touch with one of the esteemed Transformer Manufacturers in the country, Trutech Products.

A transformer is made up of many elements such as core, windings, steel tank, thermometer, etc. In this blog, we will be talking about different types of windings that are applied with the device.

First, let us understand what winding is –

Windings can be explained as the conductors that are wrapped in various forms like helical, disc, cylindrical, crossover that generates Magnetomotive force (MMF) carried by the core to other windings for having the different level of voltages.

Different Types Of Windings That Is Used For Core Type Transformer:

  • Cylindrical Windings
  • Helical Windings
  • Crossover Winding
  • Disc and Continuous Disc Winding

Windings are classified according to the types of transformers used, and the industry in which it is used in. We do not make any compromise with the quality of the product we manufacture and the transformers reflect the same. Trutech Products is one of the noted Transformer Manufacturers In Pune that you can rely upon if you wish to get hard-wearing and sustainable materials. We are just a call away from our customers.

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