Do Isolation Transformers Have Any Use In Medical Sector?

The medical sector is flourishing in recent years and has added multiple devices that ensure faster growth and better results. The transformer is indubitably an essential device which comes in diverse forms and types such as Control, Step-Down, Auto, etc. This device is also used in hospitals and other medical sectors for great purposes. While many people are well aware of the use of isolation transformers in hospitals, there are still many who are oblivious of the same.

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First, let’s learn – ‘What Is An Isolation Transformer?’

An isolation transformer can be described as a device that is utilised for transmitting electrical power from a source of alternating current power to another device, mainly for safety reasons. It is installed in almost every big hospital as there are multiple devices there that work with electricity and the power-cut could prevent the working of these devices that could result in loss of life even. Also, the transformer protects the devices from passing current to the users and saving machinery as well as lives.

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