How Is Bushing An Important Part Of Transformers?

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Though, one must be aware of the several components of the machinery he/she is going to invest in to know that they are not getting fooled with an inefficient product. Some of the essential components of transformers are as follows:

  • Laminated core
  • Windings
  • Insulating materials
  • Transformer oil
  • Tap Changer
  • Oil Conservator
  • Breather
  • Bushing

Out of all these parts, the bushing is an eminent one in the power transformer and its role are as follows:

  • It is used to insulate incoming or outgoing conductor into or out of a grounded barrier, usually the transformer main tank.
  • The bushings help in connecting the windings of the transformer to the supply line.
  • It also insulates the feed through the conductor from the transformer's main tank.

With all these responsibilities, the bushing becomes an eminent part of power transformers. However, one must remember that this part is not there in every transformer and is present in only a few.

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