Keep The Basic Information In Mind While Buying A Transformer

A transformer is a device that serves the purpose of transmitting the electrical power from one circuit to another with varying voltages but without changing the frequency. Working on the principle of electromagnetic induction, transformers effectively manage to adjust the voltage levels between different circuits as and when required.

Power distribution is an important aspect to ensure the smooth working within your organisation. Therefore, it becomes imperative to select a static device that utterly complies with your plant, equipment, and safety standards. You can contact trusted one among the list of top Transformer Manufacturers in Pune to make your purchase.  

With so many options available in the market, it becomes hard to choose the perfect fit for your industrial type. After completely understanding the working of the device and having years of experience in the electrical industry, we have come with some crucial factors that you must consider while buying it:

How Does It Look?

Of course, it the most basic thing and yet the most vital one that one need to keep in mind. Many of the defaults and malfunctions can be figured out by just having a look at it. Inspect for burn marks, broken wire, etc. as this could be easily visible and you won’t need to further test it for its working.

Counting The Phases

Is it single phased, double phased or three-phase? The phase of the line in the transformer has to be identical to that of the set of equipment connecting to it. Because it can prove to be dangerous if different phases exist in the same device.

Available Input And Output Connections

Critically scrutinise the input and output connections. You might receive a schematic diagram to understand the complete outlook of it. You should make sure that both circuits generating magnetic fields are efficiently connected to the primary and secondary connections.

Selecting The Size Or Capacity

It is always safe to buy a unit greater than the requirement of your equipment, as it reduces the risk of overloading and assures future-proofing. For instance, it is always best to opt for 20 KVA if your requirement is 18.5 KVA.

Ensuring The Protection

It is important to make sure that the device is well-protected as there will be heavy voltage performances happening inside it. Continuous voltage fluctuations are likely to damage the transformer as well as the equipment connected to it. Therefore, it is important to make sure that there are circuit breakers, fuses, etc.,  pre-installed in the device, to protect the equipment in case voltage dysfunction.

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