Things One Must Deem Prior To Checking Transformer

Transformers are considered important and best when it comes to the efficacy and efficiency of electrical products. This device has the ability to provide safety and has the capability to transmit electric current from one circuit to another without bringing any change in the voltage. Trutech Products is one of those formidable and renowned Transformer Manufacturers In India that gets you the products whose reliability and performance stays perfectly well.

Just buying a device is not the solution; one has to spend time and efforts in maintaining it as well. One of the steps in the maintenance procedure is testing of the transformer. The tests are of multiple types depending upon the type of the device that is to be tested.

However, before beginning with the testing, one has to consider several factors such as:

  • Visual Inspection – Before starting with any kind of testing, check the physical appearance of the transformer and make sure that there is no bulged part on the surface or burn marks on it. If you encounter these changes, do not perform any test.
  • Overheat – Tests must not be done on the transformers if it is overheated and the temperature of the device is at risk.
  • Moisture – If you see any moisture content in and around the device, you must not perform any kind of testing. Or else you will ruin the machinery beyond repair.

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