Three Phase Transformer - The Lifeline Of Power Transmission Systems

Three phase transformers might be the most commonly used transformers in the power transmission and distribution systems. They are not only economical in their performance but also allow supplying of large loads. Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai are coming up with better and technology-driven transformers to increase the overall efficiency of power distribution systems.

Three phase transformers are used in all fields of power systems whether it is power generation, distribution or transmission. They can step-up or step-down the voltages at different stages of the transmission system. These transformers offer various benefits over single phase transformers and they can handle the same power in a smaller and lighter construct.

Why Three Phase Transformers Are Preferred For Power Transmission?

  • Lower costs involved when compared to the three units of single phase transformers
  • Lighter and smaller in size and construction
  • Better efficiency in high power handling capacity
  • They are pre-wired and easy to install while requiring less space for it
  • Lighter construction and smaller size brings down the transportation costs significantly
  • Less core material required to get the same KVA as compared three single phase transformers

At Trutech Products, we strive to incorporate all these qualities in our three phase transformers. As one of the most reliable Transformer Manufacturers In Pune, we are a highly preferred company to get quality three phase transformers. Give us a call right now to discuss your requirements with us.

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