Transformer Oil: An Important Insulating Material Of This Device

A transformer is vital machinery that is used in many industries. It goes on for a long period of time and must be taken care of, from time to time.  Insulation is an inevitable step if you want your machine to work well. If you are in need of a transformer for any of your industrial purpose, then you can trust one of the most reliable Transformer Manufacturers In PuneTrutech Products has been manufacturing this product for very long and are master in their field.

What Is Insulation?

Insulation means protection by different methods. And in the case of the transformer, protecting it against several factors become important. It needs to keep away from the direct heat, rain, moisture, corrosion and other such things.

How To Insulate The Product?

With three materials, you can insulate your product. These materials are:-

  • Transformer Oil
  • Press Board
  • Insulating Paper
  • Transformer Oil For Protection:

The Two Functions Carried Out By The Transformer Oil Are As Follows:

  • Provides protection to the conductors and coils used in the machinery.
  • It works as a coolant for the heated product and extracts heat from the windings and its core.
  • The user needs to be careful that the oil used in the transformer is very different from vegetable oil as the latter has fat in it whereas the former has organic compounds such as paraffin, olefins, etc.

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