What Are The Major Causes Of Fault In Transformer?

Transformers manufactured by Trutech Products are very much demanded because of their good quality and lasting performance. They help in the transfer of current from one circuit to another and also aids in the protection of electrical devices. We are considered as the experts among the other leading Transformer Manufacturers that have the best range of products to offer. A transformer is a useful machine and can come with some faults if not manufactured or maintained properly. The three basic types of faults that affect the productivity of a transformer are listed as follows:

  • Incipient Faults
  • Internal Faults
  • External Faults

Now, you must be wondering- what are the causes that lead to these faults in a transformer? Some of the major ones are listed below:

  • Breakdown of Insulation – If the device is not insulated properly, it can stop working and cause issues like short-circuits and earth faults.
  • Overheating - The machine being overheated for a long-term can deliver negative affect and can be a leading cause of bringing fault to the transformer.
  • Oil leakage – Oil can be considered as a driving force for the transformer, its contamination or leakage can slow down the working of the machine.
  • Reduce Cooling – The windings of the machine are responsible for providing cooling, if their working is slow down, it can lead to degrading of the working of a transformer.

If you will make your purchase from one of the trusted Transformer Manufacturers In Pune, you can stay assured that the product delivered is free from faults and can serve very well, if maintained properly. Give us a chance to impress you with our product range.

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