Why Are Auto Transformers Used Frequently In Power Applications?

If you have technical knowledge about the transformers, you might be aware that these devices have two windings, primary and secondary, respectively. Though, one of its types, auto-transformer has only one winding, which works as both. Trutech Products is one of the reliable Transformer Manufacturers In India which manufactures a wide range in customizations that ease the choice for the customers.

This kind of device is used frequently for power applications because of the following reasons:

  • It interconnects systems operating at different voltage classes.
  • It is known for adapting machinery built at different powers.
  • The use of auto transformers is rapidly made for providing conversions between the two common domestic mains voltage bands.
  • This device is often utilised as voltage regulators on long rural power distribution lines.

If your need is related to any of the mentioned points, you shall go for an auto transformer without any speck of doubt. However, if you are not sure what kind of transformer you require for your industrial, commercial or domestic needs, you can contact our customer care team and share your needs with them. Our team will be obliged to serve you with the most effective and efficient products. As one of the blooming Transformer Manufacturers, we keep our focus upon satisfying customers with the hefty range of products and its unbeatable quality. Call us to know more about the specifications or prices of the devices we manufacture. If you wish to discover the wide range of transformers offered by us, you can visit our website.

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