Why Is Transformer Not Used With Direct Current?

A transformer has the function of transferring current from one circuit to another without bringing any change in its voltage. It is used in homes, power systems and various other industries because of the safety and reliability it provides to its users. Trutech Products is one of the potential Transformer Manufacturers In India that leads the market with its efficacy to satisfy the customers with the product quality served.

This device is used to transmit only alternating current and not the direct current. There are various risks involved if a person tries to supply direct current using a transformer, some of the major disadvantages are listed as follows:

  • The device, whether new or old, begins to malfunction when direct current is passed through it.
  • Magnetic flux, one of the essential components of the transformer ceases to be concentrated inside the iron core and impinges on regions that were not designed to withstand this.
  • The power starts converting into heat and the transformers begin to produce the sound of creaking and moaning.
  • All the devices connected to a single device that has been used for transmitting direct current starts to show abnormalities.
  • It could lead to burning the transformer.
  • Such practices reduce the life of transformers.

Being one of the prominent Transformer Manufacturers, we ask the users to not to put their device on risk by using DC instead of AC as it could ruin the functioning and life of the device. Make sure to get in touch with us if you need a new transformer that is efficient and long-lasting.

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