Why The Use Of Explosion Vent Is Compulsory In Transformers?

Transformers have some extraordinary qualities that make them a need of various industries. These are the static devices which are useful for transmission of power in different voltage rating from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. The ones who want to buy the best quality under a reasonable range come to Trutech Products as they know we are one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers that never compromise with the quality of the transformers.

A transformer is equipped with multiple components and one such vital component is Explosion Vent. Its use is very important due to multiple reasons and some of them are defined below:

  • Prevents Against Explosion – The rise in the transformer’s oil temperature cause major problems and if not properly treated, it can cause an explosion too. The explosion vent ejects the boiling oil from reaching the main point. It ensures the safety of the transformer and prevents any small or big explosion due to the high oil temperatures.
  • Controls Damage - The excessive pressure generated inside the transformer can hurt the performance and life of the transformer and, to prevent this damage to the transformer tank, the explosion vent is used.

Clearly, this component is used for safeguarding a transformer. Get in touch with us, as one of the prominent Transformer Manufacturers In Pune we bring best-in-class products to your doorstep. Call us to get price quotes and learn specifications of the device.

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