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From the year 1997Trutech Products recognized as one of the popular Step-Down Transformer Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of India. These types of Transformers are really helpful in assisting in noting the issues during the operation. Their main function is to step-down the voltage from the secondary level to the primary level. This is highly acclaimed in the market for its high efficiency and long life.

This is manufactured under the supervision of our quality inspectors by using an excellent quality iron alloy, copper wiring, and many other necessary industrial approved material and cutting-edge technology. In addition, this transformer also passes from various quality parameters which ensure its hassle-free performance, low maintenance and high resistance.

Because of its copper wiring, this product withstands even in challenging situations. Being a leading Transformer Manufacturers In Pune, we offer our products in Pune, Mumbai, and Maharashtra and in all over India or abroad. To place your order you can send enquiries.

Step-Up Vs Step-Down Transformers

A step-down transformer converts high voltage, low current power into low voltage, high current power and the step-up transformer does the exact opposite of it. Voltages are stepped down for safety reasons and this is done to feed different areas. This is achieved by reducing the number of turns on the secondary winding so that they are less than the primary winding. This results in the induction of less voltage on the output end of the transformer. So, to say it in simple terms, step-down transformer reduces the output voltage while, on the other hand, step-up transformer raises it.

What Is Step-Down Transformer?

A Step-Down Transformer connects with a switch and other appliances to convert the high voltage and low current to the low voltage and high current value. It has a wide variety of applications in different industries. They become essential for various applications. But to get the most of its benefits, it is vital to invest in a high-quality, innovatively designed and functionally advanced device. After knowing what it is, now the question is where to buy it?

Where To Buy Step-Down Transformer In India?

Always consider one of the top Step-Down Transformer Manufacturers in Qatar, Korea, Russia, Maharashtra, Indonesia or anywhere else to have your hands on the best solutions. We are among them, and have been supplying a vast range of Step-Down Transformers in India and the international market. Our offered Transformers are as per the strict industry compliances and ensure satisfactory performance in all conditions. Give us a chance to serve, and we promise you will not regret the decision. Trutech Products is ranked one among the top Transformer Manufacturer In India.

Features Of Step-Down Transformers

  • Effective functioning
  • Consistent power supply
  • Quick loading less voltage
  • Copper wiring
  • Overload capacity
  • Compact design
  • Long functional life
  • Excellent voltage regulation

KVA Rating Used By 3 Phase Step Down Transformer

  • 1 KVA
  • 2 KVA
  • 5 KVA
  • 7.5 KVA
  • 10 KVA
  • 15 KVA
  • 20KVA
  • 25 KVA etc.
  • Up to 500 KVA

Buy exclusive transformers in customized designs from Trutech Products – one of the best Transformer Manufacturers In Mumbai.

Check Our Latest Step-Down Transformer In Mumbai

Trutech Products is one of the trustworthy Step-Down Transformer Manufactures In Mumbai that offers you premium quality and reliable Step-Down Transformer In Mumbai. We know that Step-Down Transformer is a long-term investment, so we design them with great care. Our Step-Down Transformer are CE Certified, which permits us to win the loyalty of our valuable clients. We offer Control, Isolation, Three-phase, Rectifier, and Auto or Special Purpose Transformer In Mumbai that are highly safe and rigid. We take the quality of Step-Down Transformer In Mumbai very seriously as the client's safety is intact with it. Our Step-Down Transformer pass through various quality tests and safety parameters to keep our clients satisfied In Mumbai. So get the best quality Step-Down Transformer In KupwaraRohiniBellevue from us.

Best Quality Step-Down Transformer In Mumbai

We manufacture our Step-Down Transformer In Mumbai with the latest technology and graded raw material. We worked in this industry for several years and attained a position in the globalized market due to our high-grade Step-Down Transformer In Mumbai. Our manufacturing facility has the latest machines to get the superior Step-Down Transformer in Mumbai with no flaws. We deliver an abundance of options like Three Phase Transformer and a Step-Down Transformer to AC/DC Chokes In Mumbai are widely used in various industries. We are capable of fulfilling your need in the best possible manner. We can design and develop high-class Step-Down Transformer In ArmeniaNebraskaChhatarpur and check them from various quality measures to ensure their safety and better performance. All these qualities makes us the talk of the town.

Buy From Anywhere In The World

We offer our complete range of step-down, isolation, three-phase, AC & DC chokes, auto, rectifier, special purpose, and Control Transformers to every part of the world at a pocket-friendly price. We are one of the leading Step-Down Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai who design the Step-Down Transformer with utmost safety and deliver it worldwide. So you can buy our Step-Down Transformer from JaloreWest SiangKandhamal. We can ship your order to your doorway at the best price range.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now and talk to our experts about our Step-Down Transformer In Mumbai. We promise to deliver the order in the minimum possible time. So rely on us once, and we promise to keep it for long. Convey your requirement through email or connect with us on a call. We are happy to help you in all possible ways. Call us now.

Why Are You An Industry-Leading Step-Down Transformer Manufacturer?

If you are looking for a Step-Down Transformer Manufacturer- Trutech Products is one stop-station for you. We provide the top grade Step-Down Transformer that helps us to gain a name as one of the Step-Down Transformer Manufactures In India. We have an in-house manufacturing unit where every product is manufactured with utmost precision. Our highly trained engineers and quality managers supervise every detail during manufacturing. We never mind putting extra effort into bringing innovative and the best quality Step-Down Transformer to you. We double-check the quality of the Step-Down Transformer before delivering them to the end user. This specialization makes us the talk of the town.

What Are The Different Types Of Step-Down Transformer You Have For Us?

Here is the list of various products that we have in our catalog. Have a look at them:

  • Control Transformer
  • Step-Down Transformer
  • Step-Up Transformer
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Three-Phase Transformer
  • Auto Transformer
  • Rectifier Transformer
  • Special Purpose Transformer, etc.

What Are The Step-Down Transformer Testing Methods?

There are several Step-Down Transformer testing methods. Here we bring a few for you that help you to test the Step-Down Transformer appropriately:

  • The Turns Ratio Testing.
  • Insulation Resistance Testing.
  • Resistance Testing.
  • Power Factor Testing.


How Does A Step-Down Transformer Work?

It's Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction and mutual induction on which the Step-Down Transformer works. In the Step-Down Transformer, there are usually two coils that are; primary and secondary coils. The two coils have high mutual inductance. The laminations of the core are joined in the strip form. It can only work with alternating currents.

What Are The Properties Of The Ideal Step-Down Transformer?

A Step-Down Transformer with no copper losses, no iron loss in the core, and any leakage flux and gives output power equal to the input power is an ideal Step-Down Transformer.

Properties Of Ideal Transformer:

  • There are zero resistances of the primary and secondary winding
  • The core has infinite permeability
  • There is zero leakage of flux in the core
  • Has 100 percent efficiency rate
  • No kind of loss

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